My dream is to one day become a judge seeking justice for victims of human trafficking and other crimes.


As a student, I was enticed by a Romeo pimp, a man who pretended to love me and took me to his hometown where I was forced to become a prostitute.  I felt alone and without hope, but the whole time that I was away, my mother was praying for me. 

In 2012, I escaped from my trafficker.  Someone helped me to find the authorities and I went to live at Camino a Casa.  When I came to the home, I was angry and bitter, but with the help of people like German and Lorena Villar, I began to experience healing.

Through Reintegra, I was able to attend university to pursue a degree in law.  In October 2014, German died and then in January of 2015, my mother died.  I was afraid that I would not have the support I needed to carry on.  However, Reintegra US came alongside me and helped me finish my studies.  While a student, I worked with the lawyer of Camino a Casa, helping assist the younger girls in how to prepare their cases.  I am now a graduate of the University del Valle de Mexico and currently working as a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Mexico.  While working as a clerk and attending school on the weekends, I finished my master’s program in December of 2018.  My dream is to one day become a judge and see justice brought for victims of trafficking and other crimes.

Madai no longer needs financial support from Reintegra but remains in our family. We were honored to help Madai gain independence as she both studied as an undergrad and gained her Masters in Law. As with all education expenses, if (or rather when), Madai pursues a Doctorate we will be there to help her with these expenses. We also are also a support for Madai in encouragement or ever she faces a crisis financially or otherwise just as a family would be.



My dream is to use my gifts and passions of art and graphic design to help end human trafficking.  I want to one day open an art studio for children.  I dream too that my son will grow up to become a man of courage and compassion.


I became a victim of human trafficking starting at the age of 16.  A friend told me about a job in Monterrey, Mexico.  I went thinking it was a legitimate job but was a ruse.  For five years, I was trafficked across Mexico.  Eventually I gained my freedom through a police raid, though my traffickers were never prosecuted and are still trafficking women and children globally.  Later I met, German Villar who started helping me with Reintegra.  In fact, I designed the hummingbird logo and helped come up with the name "Reintegra".    Reintegra means to take what is broken and make it whole.  The logo shows different pieces coming together to make a bird that is free.  

Recently, I was able to finish my GED as I was trafficked before I could finish high school.  I am also a mother and have a 5-year old son named Mateo.   Mateo's father died in a motorcycle accident and so I am a widow.  I work as a part-time graphic designer for the Commission vs. Trafficking.  Reintegra is supporting me with extra living expenses that has enabled Mateo to attend school and for both of us to move into an apartment in a safer neighborhood of Mexico City.   I am also getting training on how to improve on my graphic design skills and begin to market them so my family can become independent.

My dream is to use my gifts and art to help end human trafficking.  I would like to be a freelance graphic designer and one day open an art studio for children.  My dream for Mateo is that he becomes a kind man who cares for others and stands up for justice.  Thank you for partnership with me and my son in helping our dreams become a reality.

In August of 2019, Nancy took a job for a foundation in Tijuana that also offered free education in a private school for Mateo. This job offered a better pay in a city with a lower cost of living. We are honored to have helped Nancy & Mateo for 2 years as she gained more skills in graphic design and despite moving to another city, they will always remain part of the Reintegra family. Nancy continues to be able to do freelance work in graphic design.