Stamina for Survivors: 14er

Caitlin & Paul Guerrie

Early on in my years at CU Boulder, Caitlin invited me to participate in something called 'Empathy Week' on campus. At this exhibit, I saw a powerful display of stories and artifacts about human trafficking and learned the sad truth that, because of human trafficking, there are over 4 million slaves in the world today.  Eventually, Caitlin and I became connected to Reintegra through friends who created the organization. -Paul
Then, I met survivors of human trafficking for the first time. They were no longer an ambiguous group in my mind. They had names: Madai, Patty, Mimi, Neli. These women had dreams and ambitions for a reclaimed future. They were living a new beginning. The issue inevitably became personal for me, as I heard the stories of these women year after year as they came to Boulder for advocacy work. -Caitlin

Our heart beats more than ever for Reintegra, literally and figuratively. Please consider joining us on this hike if you're willing and able ($25 registration and you get a free Reintegra T-shirt) or come along side us in spirit and make a contribution to our fundraising campaign. #Stamina4Survivors

Great News: A donor has offered to match all donations to our campaign up to $3,000.00!  Now your generous gifts are double the bang for your buck!