Zunduri was a victim of labor trafficking for a dry cleaning business for 2 years in Mexico. She was tortured and forced to work 17 hours a day. While imprisoned, she was forced go to the toilet in a plastic bag and sleep standing up in chains. Her abusers dug their nails into her skin, threw iron tools at her and burned her with a hot iron.  Zunduri was so thirsty she blistered her mouth trying to drink steam from an iron.

In 2015 when she was rescued, Zunduri was covered in wounds and burn marks from her tormentor’s punishment. Her wounds have now healed and she is pursuing dreams of a new life with her daughter.

Currently Zunduri has a job that takes her from 2-3 hours to drive each way through the Mexico City. Often she arrives late and has to return home without work or pay. Your investment in her will help her and her daughter move into an apartment closer to where Zunduri works. This investment will allow her get gain training in employment, help her have more income, live in a safe neighborhood and have more time to spend with her daughter.

All gifts to Reintegra are tax-deductible. Thank you for investing in survivors like Zunduri. As donations come in this campaign, Reintegra will pay the amount raised directly to her landlord’s US bank for her rent.