Stamina for Survivors: XTERRA LORY Triathlon

TEAM XTERRA: Jonathan Bowden, Nate Goodman & Joel Kertzer.


We have heard the stories of trafficking victims. As dads we are troubled by this reality. Will you join us in helping make a difference?

We could ignore it, that would be easier, but it won’t go away. God has put this on our hearts. We have chosen to help these women heal, rehabilitate and become something incredible! It is important. It is necessary. It is our burden.

On June 15th, we are participating together in the XTerra Lory Triathlon in Fort Collins, Colorado. Not only are we racing as a team, we do this standing with and for survivors of human trafficking. We invite you to stand with us. As you sponsor us, your financial support will go toward providing a college education for survivors of human trafficking and their holistic healing through the work of Reintegra. As these women receive an education, they are able to see their dreams and lives fulfilled. In turn their stories and lives also help bring awareness and healing to others.

Will you partner with us in supporting these women?