Stamina for Survivors: 14er

Team Siam: Dave & Chip

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While Vicki and I lived in Thailand, we and many of our dear friends like Dave and Debra Grimm, felt overwhelmed by the prostitution around us and had no idea how to fight it. Then we found organizations like IJM, Unidos Sin Trada, and Reintegra who - in Jesus Name and motivated by His love - are doing a wonderful job of stemming the tide of human trafficking and seeing human trafficking survivors restored.

On August 3, Dave Grimm and I will join Reintegra founder Andy McCullough and a number of others on a hike to the peak of Mt. Bierstadt, one of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks. By hiking, we will be standing with and for all survivors of human trafficking and specifically with the women that Reintegra is funding and supporting in a number of ways.

As you sponsor us, your financial support will go toward providing an education for Neli, Karla, Paty, Mimi, Frida, Pam, Nancy and Mixi. And for their holistic healing through the work of Reintegra. As these women receive an education, they are able to see their dreams fulfilled. Their stories and lives also give healing and hope to others.

Would you consider joining us as we hike for these women? Any donation is greatly appreciated and will go directly to educational opportunities for these women so they can flourish as God intended when He made them. Thank you!