My dream is to help take the blindfold off of people’s eyes and let the world know that minors are being abducted, lured and yanked away from their families.


I was raped 43,200 times by my own estimate.  My name is Karla and I was forced to have sex with 30 men a day, seven days a week, for the better part of four years — 43,200 men.

I came from a dysfunctional family.  I was sexually abused and mistreated from the age of 5.  When I was 12, I was targeted by a trafficker who lured me away using kind words and a fast car.  Not long after I met him, he convinced me to live with him and for three months he treated me very well – bringing me flowers, chocolates, clothes, etc.

That was the beginning of four years of hell – not long after, he forced me to work as a prostitute. This man, 10 years my senior, trafficked me in Guadalajara and other cities.  I was be sent to brothels, roadside motels, streets known for prostitution and even private homes.   My trafficker would punch me, kick me, pull my hair, spit at me in the face and one day I was burned with an iron.  At 15, I had a baby girl that was fathered by this pimp. He would threaten to harm her if I didn’t do everything he wished.

I was rescued in 2008 during an anti-trafficking raid in Mexico City.  I am now an advocate against human trafficking and tell my story at conferences and public events.  I have spoken at the Vatican, the United Nations and before the US Congress.  I am now working on my secondary degree on-line with the help of Reintegra, who also provides me with my living expenses as a survivor and as a mom.  My dream is to attend college and study international relations as well as one day be business owner with my salon.  I also want to continue to help take the blindfold off of people’s eyes and let the world know that minors are being abducted, lured and yanked away from their families.  To do nothing puts countless girls at risk of being trafficked for years and raped thousands of times, just as I was.



My dream is to one day become a judge seeking justice for victims of human trafficking and other crimes.


As a student, I was enticed by a Romeo pimp, a man who pretended to love me and took me to his hometown where I was forced to become a prostitute.  I felt alone and without hope, but the whole time that I was away, my mother was praying for me. 

In 2012, I escaped from my trafficker and found my way to Mexico City.  Someone helped me to find the authorities and I went to live at Camino a Casa.  When I came to the home, I was angry and bitter, but with the help of people like German and Lorena Villar, I began to experience healing.

Through Reintegra, I was able to attend university to pursue a degree in law.  In October 2014, German died and then in January of 2015, my mother died.  I was afraid that I would not have the support I needed to carry on.  However, Reintegra US came alongside me and helped me finish my studies.  While a student, I worked with the lawyer of Camino a Casa, helping assist the younger girls in how to prepare their cases.  I am now a graduate of the University del Valle de Mexico and currently working as a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Mexico.  While working as a clerk and attending school on the weekends, I finished my master’s program in December of 2018.  My dream is to one day become a judge and see justice brought for victims of trafficking and other crimes.



My dream is to use my skills to bring beauty and wholeness to the world.


At the age of 13,  I was living with the adopted daughter of my step-father. She was a prostitute that offered her services through newspaper ads. For three years, she exploited me sexually and physically. I had to do all of her house cleaning and take care of her five children.  I was also trafficked for sex in hotels all over Mexico City.  

One day, I was able to gain freedom with the help of a young hotel employee.  He hid me in the laundry closet and helped me escape in a taxi.  The authorities then sent me to live at the  Fundación Camino a Casa shelter where I was able to finish studying all of my basic education.  After that, I was taken in by Reintegra where I have received support with my professional studies.

In 2018, I got married and will have a little girl in 2019. While being a mom, I have taken a break from my undergrad studies and am working as an apprentice for photography.

My first dream is to finish college one day and use my passions and gifts to bring healing to the world. I would love to work in the areas that help end environmental damage.  I also want to support other victims of trafficking like myself as well as helping people who lose their parents, those who live on the streets and the elderly.




My dream is to use my gifts and passions of art and graphic design to help end human trafficking.  I want to one day open an art studio for children.  I dream too that my son will grow up to become a man of courage and compassion.


I became a victim of human trafficking starting at the age of 16.  A friend told me about a job in Monterrey, Mexico.  I went thinking it was a legitimate job but was a ruse.  For five years, I was trafficked across Mexico.  Eventually I gained my freedom through a police raid, though my traffickers were never prosecuted and are still trafficking women and children globally.  Later I met, German Villar who started helping me with Reintegra.  In fact, I designed the hummingbird logo and helped come up with the name "Reintegra".    Reintegra means to take what is broken and make it whole.  The logo shows different pieces coming together to make a bird that is free.  

Recently, I was able to finish my GED as I was trafficked before I could finish high school.  I am also a mother and have a 5-year old son named Mateo.   Mateo's father died in a motorcycle accident and so I am a widow.  I work as a part-time graphic designer for the Commission vs. Trafficking.  Reintegra hired me as well for graphic design work that enabled Mateo and me to move into an apartment in a safer neighborhood of Mexico City.   In addition to paying me for design work, Reintegra is helping me with the extra living expenses as a mother including the cost for Mateo to attend pre-school. 

My dream is to use my gifts and art to help end human trafficking.  I would like to be a freelance graphic designer and one day open an art studio for children.   My dream for Mateo is that he becomes a kind man who cares for others and stands up for justice.  Thank you for partnership with me and my son in helping our dreams become a reality.



My dream is to be a businesswoman and employ young women in poverty and in order to prevent them from falling prey to traffickers.


I grew up in a very poor community with no running water, electricity or indoor plumbing. My father died when I was in high school. My family completely collapsed. I was without home, without  money, and was grieving. All I could afford to eat were cheap apples and coffee. This vulnerable place made me an easy prey for a charming man who promised to care for me, offering marriage and eternal love.  He was, in reality, a human trafficker.  He said that because he had done so much for me that I owed him.  I was soon forced to work in an alley in La Merced, a notorious red-light district in Mexico City until a police raid finally set me free.

With the passing of time, I have been able to regain my trust in people and in myself.  I realized that I could help others. I have shared my story with more than 4000 people. I was spoken to audiences in Paris, Malta, the Vatican and the US.  Reintegra has helped me in my studies and with the pursuit of a degree. In 2016, I graduated with a degree in business administration at the University of La Salle. I am now pursuing a Masters Degree at the Universidad de las Américas of and working at a law firm in my major of human resources.  My dream is to use my degree to open a business that would hire other survivors and people in poverty who are vulnerable like I was.  I also dream of using my platform as an advocate to help prevent other girls from being prey to Human Trafficking networks.



My dream is to become a justice lawyer to prosecute human traffickers.


My father was very strict when I was young and I wanted freedom.  I was vulnerable.  An older boy convinced me to fall in love with him.  He took me to live with him in another town, locked me in a room and forced me to work as an escort at a bar.  I was forced to lure older men to buy drinks for me at this Catina.  The next step was that I was to be trafficked as a prostitute.  I saw no hope of escape, but my father found me and rescued me.  For a year, I went back home, but it was not safe because the authorities would not prosecute my trafficker and his family.  I went to live at Camino a Casa. I met German and Lorena.  Because German was a lawyer, and always dreamed of being a lawyer, I decided to pursuing a path to becoming a lawyer with the help of Reintegra.

I graduated with a degree in law in December of 2017.  Currently i am interning with a lawyer who oversees cases of trafficking victims.  I began working with her as a student and I have assisted on several anti-trafficking cases including the one that has had the longest conviction of any trafficker in Mexico. 

My dream is to become a justice lawyer with a practice of my own that helps put traffickers behind bars. Currently I work for a lawyer who helps trafficking victims while working on my masters part-time.



My dream is to become a nurse so that I can identify and rescue victims of trafficking in hospitals.


Because my parents had divorced, the financial situation at our home was very difficult.  As a teen, I dropped out of school.  One day I was walking in downtown Puebla looking for work when my ex-boyfriend forced me in to a taxi at knife point, and took me back to his home.  When we get there, he told me that he was going to prostitute me.  When I refused, he started beating me.

During the next three years I was raped on a daily basis in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz by 30 to 50 men so I could cover the fees that my old boyfriend demanded of me.  If I did not bring home the money he would beat me with whatever he could find: wood planks, cables, picks, punches, etc.  He would not feed me for days, and he was always threatening me that if I did not do what he wanted, he would kill my family.

Twice I got pregnant but both times he found out and beat me until I lost the child. During the time of my captivity, I had to go to the Emergency Room on numerous occasions. Each time, the medical staff asked him all the questions instead of me, and he always answered that I was stupid, that I had fallen down the stairs or something else. The doctors and nurses never asked me how I was, they always let me go home with him again. I knew then, that I could not ask anyone for help, and that this life would be my plight until he killed me from a beating.

On May 7th, 2012 my trafficker came to the corner where I was standing and he hit me because I had taken 1 minute longer with a client than was allowed. He told me to go to the next street as he yelled that he was going to kill me. Thanks to someone that witnessed the scene, and decided to not keep quiet, and they reported this to the PGJ (FBI).  As a result, the authorities came for me and arrested my trafficker.

Today, I am a survivor that has reached a very important place in my life.  In June of 2017, I graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a Degree in Nursing.  I spent the following year finishing up the practicum requirements of my degree as an intern at hospital.  I am currently studying to pass on last exam to complete my degree so I can fully work as a nurse.

My dream is to become a nurse and do what no one did for me.  I want to help identify victims of sex trafficking and sex abuse while working in a hospital.  I still have more dreams to reach, one is to one day have a family of my own.  I also want to continue my education and eventually run a retirement home for older adults, so they can receive good and dignified care.



My dream is to become a lawyer and legislator to rescue victims and fight for human rights.

Paty 2 (2).jpg

I became a victim of Human Trafficking at the age of 17. I come from a very dysfunctional family, and my greatest desire was to know what if felt like to feel loved and to have a family. I never knew my father, and my mother went to the United States to find work, so I grew up with my grandmother, who died when I was 15. I was left alone to fend for myself in the world.

I had always been very vulnerable, but at the moment I met Pedro, my exploiter, I was more vulnerable than ever. Pedro made himself out to be the ‘Prince Charming’ I was looking for. He asked me to marry him, and I accepted thinking that this was the way to get what I always dreamed of: “a family and happiness.” It was his way of manipulating me into selling my body.  He sexually exploited me in Mexico City, in the area of La Merced.

One day, God heard my cries and saw my heart – filled with pain and hurt. During a raid, I was rescued by the police and taken to Fundación Camino a Casa where I met incredible people like German Villar and Rosi Orozco. They helped me believe again; they helped me start to live again.

Today, thanks to the support of Reintegra, I graduated from law school in June of 2018.  I am currently interning with Comision Unidos vs. Trata. In the Spring of 2019, I will study english at the University of Colorado in order to pass a proficiency exam that enables me to complete my degree and practice law. I plan to continue to work for the Comision when I return to Mexico in May of 2019 and was recently named President of the Comision.

My greatest dream is to be an instrument in God’s hands to help save lives, and rescue more girls and boys that are living as vulnerable as I was. I want to be a lawyer that fights for freedom, for life, for values, and for Human Rights. I would like to be a legislator so that I can be part of the change in my country because most importantly I want to be a WOMAN OF CHANGE, AN EXAMPLE, A WOMAN OF GOD so that my testimony can help as a message of hope: that even when everything has been taken from you, you can start again and be happy.