Stamina for Survivors: Choose Your Own Adventure


We don’t want to limit our team to a select number of events. If you have a passion for another sport or event, please consider using it to participate in the Stamina for Survivors fundraiser. If you would like to invite others to join, we will post your event and details below. Joining stamina for survivors is a great way to enhance doing what you already love and give it greater purpose. To join the Reintegra fundraising team, register below.


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Stamina for Survivors
from 15.00

Registration fee for Stamina for Survivors. Kick off your support raising and make a personal investment into the work of Reintegra.  Note, this fee is only for Stamina for Survivors.  If you are participating in the sprint triathlon or the 10k there will be a separate registration you must complete prior to the event.