Spring Break Immersion Trip

Mexico City, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Mexico City Safe?

Like in any big city, we like to be cautious, stick to the areas we know, and always stay together. These travel philosophies have made it such that Andy McCullough, the Executive Director of Reintegra, has taken multiple teams to Mexico City over the past 12 years without incident.

How do you get around the city?

For groups of 4 or less, Uber is a safe and reliable form of travel. For larger groups, a private driver is hired. We travel in a 15 passenger van and we have known the driver for several years.

Will you leave Mexico City at any point during the trip?

No. All of our activities take place within the city.

What is the food like in Mexico City?

You could find almost any cuisine in Mexico City, but the best food is the local food! Tacos are abundant and delicious everywhere you go!

Where do you stay?

We have found that the best experience is renting a house in an area of town called La Condessa. It is a quite part of town with tree lined streets and great places to eat.