Rachel Garcia

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Hola everyone,

As many of you know, I helped to start a non-profit called Reintegra in 2015. We aim to help women that have been trafficked to transition back into society through education and vocation initiatives.  Since our inception, we have excitedly seen 4 women graduate from university.  We currently support 8 women in our program.

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This June, I am going back to Mexico City to celebrate our 5th beneficiary graduate, Paty Gonzalez.  She will be completing her law degree in May.  Her dream is to work with victims of human trafficking and pursue legal justice.


It has been a joy to see Paty blossom in her studies.  I am very proud of her and wouldn’t miss her graduation party for the world. Many of you got the chance to meet Paty when she came to speak in Colorado in October of 2016. She is very excited to celebrate and lavish in this grand accomplishment.


Will you please consider donating to help fund my efforts to travel to Mexico City for this event?  This will cover my costs with flight, in-country expenses and helping pay for Paty's party and other outings with the Reintegra women.  Any additional funds raised will go directly to survivors.