My dream is to become a justice lawyer to prosecute human traffickers.


My father was very strict when I was young and I wanted freedom.  I was vulnerable.  An older boy convinced me to fall in love with him.  He took me to live with him in another town, locked me in a room and forced me to work as an escort at a bar.  I was forced to lure older men to buy drinks for me at this Catina.  The next step was that I was to be trafficked as a prostitute.  I saw no hope of escape, but my father found me and rescued me.  For a year, I went back home, but it was not safe because the authorities would not prosecute my trafficker and his family.  I went to live at Camino a Casa. I met German and Lorena.  Because German was a lawyer, and always dreamed of being a lawyer, I decided to pursuing a path to becoming a lawyer with the help of Reintegra.

I graduated with a degree in law in December of 2017.  Currently i am interning with a lawyer who oversees cases of trafficking victims.  I began working with her as a student and I have assisted on several anti-trafficking cases including the one that has had the longest conviction of any trafficker in Mexico. 

My dream is to become a justice lawyer with a practice of my own that helps put traffickers behind bars. Currently I work for a lawyer who helps trafficking victims while working on my masters part-time.