My dream is to use my skills to bring beauty and wholeness to the world.


At the age of 13,  I was living with the adopted daughter of my step-father. She was a prostitute that offered her services through newspaper ads. For three years, she exploited me sexually and physically. I had to do all of her house cleaning and take care of her five children.  I was also trafficked for sex in hotels all over Mexico City.  

One day, I was able to gain freedom with the help of a young hotel employee.  He hid me in the laundry closet and helped me escape in a taxi.  The authorities then sent me to live at the  Fundación Camino a Casa shelter where I was able to finish studying all of my basic education.  After that, I was taken in by Reintegra where I have received support with my professional studies.

In 2018, I got married and will have a little girl in 2019. While being a mom, I have taken a break from my undergrad studies and am working as an apprentice for photography.

My first dream is to finish college one day and use my passions and gifts to bring healing to the world. I would love to work in the areas that help end environmental damage.  I also want to support other victims of trafficking like myself as well as helping people who lose their parents, those who live on the streets and the elderly.