My dream is to one day become a judge seeking justice for victims of human trafficking and other crimes.


As a student, I was enticed by a Romeo pimp, a man who pretended to love me and took me to his hometown where I was forced to become a prostitute.  I felt alone and without hope, but the whole time that I was away, my mother was praying for me. 

In 2012, I escaped from my trafficker and found my way to Mexico City.  Someone helped me to find the authorities and I went to live at Camino a Casa.  When I came to the home, I was angry and bitter, but with the help of people like German and Lorena Villar, I began to experience healing.

Through Reintegra, I was able to attend university to pursue a degree in law.  In October 2014, German died and then in January of 2015, my mother died.  I was afraid that I would not have the support I needed to carry on.  However, Reintegra US came alongside me and helped me finish my studies.  While a student, I worked with the lawyer of Camino a Casa, helping assist the younger girls in how to prepare their cases.  I am now a graduate of the University del Valle de Mexico and currently working as a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Mexico.  While working as a clerk and attending school on the weekends, I finished my master’s program in December of 2018.  My dream is to one day become a judge and see justice brought for victims of trafficking and other crimes.