We are a grassroots organization that relies on volunteers.

We are a movement of people using their gifts, skills and passions to impact the lives of survivors.


During the earthquake in Mexico City in September 2016, we saw firsthand thousands of people linking arms to help those in need. Some donated items, some helped emergency workers remove rubble, some joined a chain of people passing these supplies to those in need.

This is Reintegra.

There are so many you can join us. You can join an effort to raise awareness and funding by participating in a race or a hike. You can use your skills in photography or graphic design. You can volunteer at an event where survivors share their stories. You can help us raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking through events at schools, clubs or home gatherings.

Upcoming Events

Below is the list of all upcoming events. Click to sign-up and participate in an event.  Also visit the Contact Us page to get connected via our quarterly newsletter and/or to begin volunteering.


Spring Break Immersion Trip

Join us on a trip to Mexico City! Click here for more info!