Stamina for Survivors: 10K

Erynn Seidel


I'd like to donate my birthday to REINTEGRA

I have a special place in my heart for REINTEGRA! As you can see in the video, last year's triathlon was an amazing experience. Raising awareness and support for these girls was my main motivation. I read their stories, learned each of their names, and even wrote them on my arms on race day! I was deeply inspired by these survivors. THIS year I will be participating in the Let Freedom Run 10k on July 4th.  I will definitely be out of my comfort zone because running anything over 3 miles is difficult for me. My goal is to enjoy the race, not take myself too seriously (that actually is a huge goal for me), and pray for each girl by name. That's what I did last year and it really helped me in those challenging moments. I have a big fundraising goal of $2700 and I'm really behind. However, once you read ANY of the survivor's stories, I know you'll be moved. Thank you for your support!

You can give via credit card or bank transfer below.   If you prefer to mail a check, make payable to "Reintegra" and mail to: PO Box 450 Lafayette, CO 80026.  You can put my name in the memo so it will count toward my goal.  Thank you!